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Finding Aid for the Hatice Gonnet-Bağana, Hittite Collection Records, 1932-present


Descriptive Summary
Hatice Gonnet-Bağana, 1932-
Collections of Anatolian Civilizations,
Hatice Gonnet-Bağana, Hittite Collection
Collection Number
GNT 01
GNT L001

The Hatice Gonnet-Bağana Hittite Collection under the Collection of Anatolian Civilizations was donated to Koç University by the archaeologist/hittitologist Hatice Gonnet-Bağana in 2013 along with a collection of Jacques Lefort, Byzantine Collection. The Hatice Gonnet-Bağana Hittite Collection offers a wide range of sources on the subject of religious, cultural, social, and mythological aspects, as well as linguistic development of civilizations spreading throughout Anatolia including Akkadians, Hattians, Hurrians, Hittites (Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom, as well as Syro-Hittite era), Assyrians, Phrygians, Urartians, and Troans since the 3rd millenium BC. Diversity of languages in both print and manuscript materials including French, Turkish, English, German, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, and Arabic gives a rich perspective in the field of archaeology.
The Hatice Gonnet-Bağana Hittite Collection consists of the source material including images (photographs, negative films, and slides), manuscripts, maps, lecture notes, hieroglyph inscription illustrations and drawings, personal correspondences and official letters, excavation reports, ephemera, posters, newspaper clippings, postcards, as well as published works (reprints, offprints, articles, and monographs). The collection can be divided into three main categories: 1) image collection (Hatice Gonnet-Baðana’s photographs, slides, and negatives); 2) source material collection (published works and Hatice Gonnet-Bağana’s manuscripts); and 3) Laroche Hittite texts collection (Hatice Gonnet-Baðana’s transliteration and translation of Hittite texts based on Emmanuel Laroche’s catalog).
The image collection documenting the archaeological sites and ancient monuments in Anatolia such as Sarýalan Beyköy (Afyon), Karkamış, Nişantaş, Hattusa, Midas, Yazılıkaya, Yumrutepe, Kapıkaya, as well as maps of archaeological sites is what makes this collection unique and it is one of the highlights of the Hatice Gonnet-Baðana Hittite Collection.

Administrative Information
Access Restriction
This collection is open for research.
Copyright notice
The materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to Turkish law. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used for academic research or otherwise should be fully credited with the source. Koç University provides access to the digital materials on the website for educational and research purposes only. Any other use of these materials without written permission, including but not limited to commercial or scholarly reproductions, redistributions, publication, or transmission, is strictly prohibited.
The unique materials have been digitized and placed online with the exception of published works that are not currently in the public domain, having copyright restrictions. Some materials are available only within the confines of Koç University campus, and some are not currently available online at all. These materials may be made publicly available online at the expiration of their copyright terms, subject to international and domestic copyright laws. Information about the works in question is available for all items, even those to which online access is restricted.
Preferred Citation
[Identification of item], Hatice Gonnet-Bağana Hittite Collection, GNT 01, Suna Kıraç Library Archive, Koç University.

Biographical Note
Hatice Gonnet-Bağana was born in Istanbul, Seyfullah Pasha Mansion at Çengelköy (1932). She moved to Paris with her family when her father Mehmet Ali Bağana was appointed at the OCDE in 1952. She was married to the French painter-engineer Antoine Gonnet in 1963 (as she acquired his surname, Gonnet). She studied archaeology with Prof. Emmanuel Laroche and received her diploma at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (1967) and later at the Ecole du Louvre (1969) as a pupil of the archeaologist André Parrot. She was admitted to the French National Centre for Scientific Research (Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique) in 1969 and completed her doctoral dissertation in 1979. She directed Phyrigia excavation research in Beyköy, Afyon from 1979 to 1982. She attended and presented at the international conferences, symposia and colloques between the years 1975 and 2003. She became the head of hittitology at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes V. Section from 1982 to 1995 as the sole advisee for master’s theses and doctoral dissertations in hittitology when Emmanuel Laroche was retired. In 1997 she was retired with the award of honorary researcher at the CNRS and became member of the Berlin Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft. She carried out her scholarly activities as lecturer at the Ecole du Louvre in hittitology, philology of cuneiforms and hieroglyphic inscriptions, and historical analysis of ancient texts from 1995 to 2011.

Collection Arrangement
  1. Images of archaeological sites and artifacts
  2. Personal papers
  3. Scholarly works and publications
  4. Cuneiform transliterations
  5. Hatice Gonnet-Baðana catalog

Papers are arranged chronologically within each series, and alphabetically by year.

Detailed Description of Collection
1. Box Series 1, “S” Box Series
Box 1 (GNT S01)
Sarıalan, Beyköy
Box 2 (GNT S02)
Beyköy, Afyon, Adıyaman, Eskişehir areas
Box 3 (GNT S03)
Mesopotamia, Hama, Aleppo, and Tell Ahmar
Box 4 (GNT S04)
Emar, Meskene, Beyköy, Karaçayır, and Yumrutepe
Box 5 (GNT S05)
Phrygian monuments and Syro-Cappadocian monuments in Asia Minor
Box 6 (GNT S06)
Phrygia : Arslankaya, Sulumanastır, Pessinus, Midas, and Aizanoi
Box 7 (GNT S07)
Phrygian monuments in Karaçayır and Malatça Tumulus
Box 8 (GNT S08)
Yumrutepe in Afyon
Box 9 (GNT S09)
Yazılıkaya in Boğazköy, Boğazköy Südburg, Yozgat Akmağdeni, and Baltalıtepesi Oluközü
Box 10 (GNT S10)
Boğazköy temple and Yerkapı rampart
Box 11 (GNT S11)
Boğazköy, Nişantaş, Alacahöyük, Kalehisar
Box 12 (GNT S12)
Box 13 (GNT S13)
Carchemish (Karkamış)
Box 14 (GNT S14)
Hittite empire, Boğazköy
Box 15 (GNT S15)
Hittite Imperial Period : Karakuyu, Malkaya, Imamkulu, and Karabel
Box 16 (GNT S16)
Hittite hieroglyphs and monuments at Carchemish (Karkamış)
Box 17 (GNT S17)
Inscriptions and steles from Malatya, Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, and Sivas
Box 18 (GNT S18)
Box 19 (GNT S19)
Kayseri, Kuşaklı, and Kerkenes
Box 20 (GNT S20)
Box 21 (GNT S21)
2. Box Series 2
Box 1 (GNT 01)
Religious aspects in Anatolian Civilizations 1
Box 2 (GNT 02)
Religious aspects in Anatolian Civilizations 2
Box 3 (GNT 03)
Institutions in Anatolian Civilizations
Box 4 (GNT 04)
History of Anatolian Civilizations
Box 5 (GNT 05)
Language and history in Anatolian Civilizations
Box 6 (GNT 06)
Language in Anatolian Civilizations
Box 7 (GNT 07)
Eflatun and Harpatu
Box 8 (GNT 08)
Hieroglyphic hittite seals 1
Box 9 (GNT 09)
Hieroglyphic hittite seals 2
Box 10 (GNT 10)
Box 11 (GNT 11)
Central Anatolia
Box 12 (GNT 12)
Western Anatolia
Box 13 (GNT 13)
Çatalhöyük, Bithynia, Gümüşlük images
Box 14 (GNT 14)
Southern and Western Anatolia
Box 15 (GNT 15)
Box 16 (GNT 16)
Images from the museums
Box 17 (GNT 17)
Images from the excavation sites
Box 18 (GNT 18)
Urartu 1
Box 19 (GNT 19)
Urartu 2
Box 20 (GNT 20)
Troy, Knidos, Milet, Priene, Foça, Aphrodisias, Assos, Bergama, and Ephesus
Box 21 (GNT 21)
Troy, Sarissa, and Kayalıpınar
3. Box Series, Catalog of Hittite texts (based on Emmanuel Laroche catalog)
Box 1 (GNT L01)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 1-39
Box 2 (GNT L02)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 40-61
Box 3 (GNT L03)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 62-83
Box 4 (GNT L04)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 84-147
Box 5 (GNT L05)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 152-225
Box 6 (GNT L06)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 231-263
Box 7 (GNT L07)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 264-291
Box 8 (GNT L08)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 294-323
Box 9 (GNT L09)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 324-374
Box 10 (GNT L10)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 375-396
Box 11 (GNT L11)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 397-449
Box 12 (GNT L12)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 450-504
Box 13 (GNT L13)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 505-532
Box 14 (GNT L14)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 533-593
Box 15 (GNT L15)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 594-621
Box 16 (GNT L16)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 625-670
Box 17 (GNT L17)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 671-752
Box 18 (GNT L18)
Catalog of Hittite texts, 757-833
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