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Johansen, Ulla. 2011th 3rd edition of 2005. Kozan (in press).

2011. 2nd edition of 2008. Yakutsk.

2010. 2nd edition of 2005. Ankara.

2008. Ornament Jakutov. Revised translation into Russian of 1954. Yakutsk (trans. Svetlana I. Petrova).

2005. Türkiye'de Yörüklerin yayla hayatı - Elli yıl önce (The life of the nomads on summer pastures Turkey - fifty years ago) 168 S. Ankara: Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı Yayınları.
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2004. (with Douglas R. White). Network Analysis and Ethnographic problem. Process models of a Turkish nomad communities. Lexington Books, Lanham, Boulder, New York, Toronto, Oxford, XXXVII + 497 S. u. 18 Phot,os.
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2000. (with Susanne dumplings). Tibetan religions and shamanism. The symbolism of religions, Vol. 23, Stuttgart, XI + 282 pp.

2000. The Eurasian shamanism. Neanderthal Museum: The development history of mankind. Mettmann, 26 S.

1994. (with Thomas Franke and Christoph Sabel). Professional and ethical. Criteria of social stratification at provincials in Estonia. Cologne Ethnological Papers, Bd.7, Bonn, 155 S.

1991. Uued teooriad yes etnoloogias meetodid. Loengukonspekt. Eesti ajaloo kate eder (New theories and methods in anthropology. Textbook for the use of students). Tartu, 72 S.

1981. (with Barbara Wolbert). Foreign families. A bibliography under ethnological aspect. Cologne ethnological studies Bd.3, Berlin, VII, 170 S.

1961. Zo leven vreemde volken. Hoe eten zij, zich voeden en Kleden; hoe zij plants en feestvieren (trans. by AJ Richel into Dutch of 1955) Utrecht, Antwerp, 160 S.

1959. (with Wilhelm Beer Henke, Wolfgang Haberland and Günter Zimmermann [ed.]). Americanism tables Miscellany. Fixed band Franz Termer from the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg, vol. XXV, 202 S.

1957. Igloos and Totem Poles. Life and Customs of Thirteen Peoples Around the Globe (trans. Into English by F. McHugh), London, 124 pp.

1958. (with Wilhelm Beer Henke, Herbert Tischner and Heinz Walter). Translated into French by "So you live elsewhere," Édition Spes, Paris.

1957. (with Wilhelm Beer Henke, Herbert Tischner and Heinz Walter). Så lever andra. Om seder och bruk hos primitiva folk. (Trans. Into Swedish by "So you live anywhere else!" SE Täckmark) Stockholm.

1955. (with Wilhelm Beer Henke, Herbert Tischner and Heinz Walter). So you live anywhere else! Daily life in fourteen nations of the earth. Freiburg, 93 S. undated ornament Jakutov (translation by GJ Rodionov into Russian for the library use). Yakutsk.

1954. The ornamentation of the Yakuts. How to ethnology, H.3, Hamburg, 205 p + XIII Taf.


Johansen, Ulla
Paul Johanseni lapsepôlv yes Noorus (trans. By 2002g into Estonian), Tallinn (in press).

2011. Interview, at: History of German Anthropology 1945/49 - 1990, ed. Dieter Haller (in press).

2010. Postranicamknigi Sergei Michailovi? Shirokogorova (07/01/1887 Suzdal'- 19/10/1939 Pekin): Psychomental'nyi kompleks tungusov (trans by 2001a into Russian.). In: Aziatsko Tichookeanskii Rayon 1, Vladivostok, S. 117-120.

2007a. Walther Heissig and material culture. Development and key questions of modern research on artifacts. In Central Asian Studies 36: 21-34.

2007b. ? kstaz i Oderzhimost '. Razlichiia v perezhivaniiach Shamanov Severnoi Sibiri i Central'noi Azii (trans. From 2003c of D. Funk into Russian). In Ethnografigheskoe Obozrenie 1: 19-31.

2006a. Towards a Methodology of Shamanistic Research. In Shamanism and age without shamans. Papers from the International Conference on Shamanism , Urumqi / Xinjiang.

2006b. The Journey Paul Johansen in World War II (translated into German by 1992d). In north-eastern Europe as a historical region. Publications of Aue Foundation, vol. 17, Jörg Hackmann and Robert Schweitzer (ed.). Helsinki, Lübeck, pp 85-102.

2006c. Gondolatok a régi török és mongol sámanizmusról (trans. Into Hungarian by 1999a). In Csodaszarvas 2: 139-156.

2006d. Turkish Nomads (Aydinly) long term ethnography (re-release of 2002d). In Social Dynamics and Complexity. University of California, Irvine, Institute of Mathematical Behavioral Sciences.

2005a. The Lächelgrenze. In Red Altai, enter your Echo! Festschrift for Erika Taube, Anett C. Oelschlägel, Ingo Nentwig and Jakob Taube (Hg.). Leipzig, University Press, pp. 174-182.

2005b. Sámánfilozofia: változó lélekképzetek Tuvabán (translation into Hungarian of 2003a). In Csodaszarvas 1: 135-156.

2004a. The Siberian shamanism in the past and present. In: Bremer Geographical Leaves, Vol. 4 Russia, S. 27-39.

2004b. From Shamanism to neoshamanism in Siberia and Central Asia. In: Yearbooks of the Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig, Vol. XLII, pp. 65-76.

2003a. Shamanistic Philosophy: Soul - A Changing Concept in Tyva. In: Shaman, Bd. 11 (1-2), pp. 29-49.

2003b. Paul Johansens skaebne under walls verdenskrig (translation by P. Kyhn into Danish of 1992b). In: OF-Nyt, Dansk-Estisk Selskabs tidskrift, Copenhagen, pp. 6-19.

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2002a. Vlijanie Sergeja Michajlovi? A Shirokogorova na nemeckuiu? Tnologiiu (The influence Sergej Michajlovich Shirokogoroffs the German ethnology). In: ? Tnograficheskoe Obozrenie, No.1, Moscow, pp. 139-143.

2002b. The four Gospels as a source for historical anthropology of the Middle East. In: Anthropos, Vol. 97, pp. 21-33.

2002c. (with Douglas R. White). Collaborative Long-term Ethnography and Social Longitudinal Analysis of a Nomad communities in Southeastern Turkey. In: Kemper, Robert V. and Anya Peterson Royce (Hg.): Chronic Ling Cultures. Long Term Field Research in Anthropology, Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, Lanham, NY, Oxford, pp. 81-99.
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2002d. Turkish Nomads (Aydinly) long term ethnography (Internet publication of 2002c, see http: // itc uci edu / ~ drwhite / drwhite / turks / index htm...).

2002e. (with Douglas R. White). Turkish Nomad Gallery. A trek with the Aydinli Nomads (see http: // eclectic ss uci edu / ~ drwhite / turks / Turkish Nomad Gallery html....)

2002f. Karl Jettmar 1918-2002. In: Journal of Anthropology, Vol. 127 (2), pp. 133-138.

2002g. Childhood and Youth Paul Johansen. In: Eugen Helimski (Hg.): Speeches and presentations at the commemorative event on 14 December 2001 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Prof. Dr. Paul Johansen. Department of Finno-Ugric / Uralic the University of Hamburg, S. 9-19.

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1998b. Linnaeestlaste sugulassuhted (relationships of urban Estonians). In: Akadeemia (1998). Tartu, pp. 451-487, 631st.

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1958. Alttürkisches life in the modern state. On the problem of Taurus nomads. In: Releases the German-Turkish Society 22, S.1-4.

Further writings

31 shorter essays
30 Reviews

Editor, partly co-editor:
-Cologne ethnological releases from Vol. 6, 1978
-Cologne ethnological studies, from Vol. 1, 1980
-DGV messages, H.14 - 19 1986 - 1989 and authorship of all not specially marked posts
-Journal of Ethnology, Bd. 114-123, Berlin 1988-1998 Vol. 124-131 editor.

In editorial board:
-Tungusica, Bd. 1, contributions to north Asian cultural history, Wiesbaden 1978.
-Cologne contributions to the nation's research Bd. 1-6, 1994-1999.
-Shaman, Vol. 2-4, Budapest 1994-1996.
-Bibliotheca Shamanistica, from Vol. 4, Budapest 1997.
-Tnologi eskie issledovanija po shamanstvu i inym tradicionnym verovanijam i praktikam (Ethnological research on shamanism and other-traditional beliefs and practices) from Bd. 6, Moscow 2000?

1962: F. Termer: Textile Art of the Maya Indians in Guatemala. Hamburg Museum of Ethnology

1959: In the camp of a small Asian shepherd tribe. Hamburg Museum of Ethnology

-Source: Information about Prof. Dr. Ulla Johansen extracted from the website of Universitat of Cologne, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Institute of Ethnology (

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